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Bystander: A Portrait in Apathy—Bystander Box™

The Bystander: A Portrait in Apathy Bystander Box™ program is a comprehensive bully prevention assembly aimed at the bystander population of middle school students. This powerful and emotionally charged presentation is unique in that it uses students from within the school population to verbalize an important message to bystanders. Finally, the bystander population will realize their role in perpetuating the bullying cycle and will learn practical ways to get involved in a positive way. A group of students from the school community with rehearse and memorize the scripted performance while also learning how to facilitate small group debriefing sessions. On the performance date, the student performers will present their production and follow it up with discussion groups in a smaller group setting. The overall result is powerful as students in the middle grades pay most attention to what their peers are saying. Since bullying is a problem that is compounded by the silent approval of the student population, hearing those same students speak out against bullying leaves a lasting impact.

Bystander Box

The Bystander: A Portrait in Apathy Bystander Box™ bully prevention assembly program costs $595.00 and includes the following:

Twenty copies of the powerful Bystander script
A DVD copy of the emotionally charged PowerPoint
A Leader Manual for the teacher/instructor who facilitates the program
A Bystander Pledge for every student who views the assembly
All rehearsal and debriefing materials
Twenty "Thank You" locker magnets for the student performers
Performance Rights for one day of performances

*Multiple performances on the designated day are allowed to accommodate the student population effectively.

Bystander Box

This program gives students the unique opportunity to make themselves heard in front of their school. It gives students a stake in bully prevention while empowering them to speak up in the face of bullying. Every student and teacher will be affected by the powerful words and images in this program, hopefully inspiring everyone to take a look at their role in the bullying problem. All students deserve to have their voices heard—Bystander is the first step in making that happen.

For more information and/or questions, or to purchase a Box, please contact:
Jillian Palmieri BA, MA Creator and Founder | 609.658.3709

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