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“I just want to let you know how appreciative I am that you created the program in general and that you brought it to my school. I've received countless compliments about how moving and inspirational the performances are from everyone who viewed it.

On top of that, the debriefing sessions aided the students in understanding the intense concept of bullying. It was also a unique experience to be able to lead that conversation and see their reactions. I recognize how difficult it is to talk to students about bullying, but I think you had precisely the right approach.

Thanks to you, our performance may have changed and saved lives today.
I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be in it.
Thank you so much for making a difference, Jill."

—Kira Rose, Community Middle School

“This past week has been amazing! Our performances all went well and there were really no mistakes. You could see the effect the presentation and the slide show had on most of the kids. Kids were crying and some even had to be taken out of the room. I had a part in the play, and it was really long! I thought I would never memorize it, but Jill helped me, and I began to memorize it within 2 days! 

It was just really great to see how the whole assembly reached everyone. After the play, we had a debriefing session to talk about the play and answer some questions. Most kids participated and we even got to share some stories with each other. Jill, you are just amazing, and I hope you visit the high school because this is my last year in middle school. Many students have different views on the subject, and even the "known" bullies, have different views. All in all, I would really recommend having the Bystander: A Portrait in Apathy come to your school. I am going to miss you Jill."
—Adam Haidi, McAuliffe Middle School

”Today I was in a skit-like presentation that Jill Palmieri conducted and I must say it was very emotional for many people in my school. I have never been bullied personally but I have bullied. Having seen this presentation and working with Jill I can promise that I will never do so again. I highly recommend this program and if anyone can’t decide whether or not to invite Jill to your school well, you should.

Working with Jill has given me not only a piece of mind but a new perspective on bullying. I was in the presentation as a victim and by that being said I now know where the victims are coming from. This program is helpful, do yourself a favor and invite Jill to your school, it would be a disservice to your school if you didn’t. ”
—Nick Deyo Student at Windsor (NY) Middle School

”Dear Jill, First, I would like to thank you for being such a great person and directing Bystander: A Portrait In Apathy. It is such a great lesson you are trying to teach students, I saw many teary eyed people in the audience and it made me feel good, like they finally get it and really want to do something, that's how I felt when I saw the power point and read the script. I feel really great that I participated in this presentation, like I made a difference.

Also, you were such a fun director. You were so easy to be around and talk to. I think you'll go very far in your presentations, and I hope you do. The discussions afterward were also very successful. The class I was in always had something to say, and some things they said made me think. And I was surprised to be hearing such great powerful stuff from them. Thank you again, and I wish you luck.”
—Brianna B. Haddonfield Cast Member

”I was a student in Jillian Palmieri's middle school class of 2004 when she began playing around with the idea of a bully prevention program. I am now in my second semester of college and I can honestly say that many of the things we talked about in that class are still with me today. She was a wonderful teacher and knows how to connect with her audience on a very personal level. The program gave me a voice I did not have before, and gave me the courage and motivation to stand up for what is right, even to this day.
—Jamie Neues

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